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Restore is one of America’s fastest-growing companies right now, and for good reason. Inc. 5000 just named Restore the #1 hottest franchise in America, and #113th company in America.


We are on a blazing mission to restore people’s health and wellness so that they can do more of what they love every day. Our daily metric? How many people we helped that day.


That’s why it is paramount that we attract people who are as passionate about helping people as we are. It also doesn’t hurt if you have a great sense of humor and love Austin as much as we do.


Learn about what services will work best to restore your health.

Why Hyper

Restore your health - do more of what you love.

Elongate your life with Stretch Base®

Your foundation for Hyper Wellness


The ultimate guide to each Hyper Wellness service we offer.


#1 Hottest Franchise
in America- Inc. 5000


#113 Ranked Company
in America - Inc. 5000

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